Why I Care Deeply About Our Libraries and Why You Should Too

I have never met a library I didn’t like, and I suspect I never will. If you are not a library patron, please read on, as you will be surprised by what I have to share.

Did you know the Oakland Library in California maintains a “tool lending library” of 3500 tools to lend to the community? Or there are over 150 libraries around the world where you can sign out humans, as a living book, to listen to their stories? Or public libraries act as the number one provider of internet usage for families without internet access at home, work or school?

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America Was Right

Being a fan of music from the ‘60’s and 70’s, America was one of my favorite bands. Many of you may be familiar with their songs “Horse With No Name,” or “Ventura Highway.” “Tin Man” was my favorite then and has continued to resonate with me for over 40 years. Actually, it wasn’t the song in total, but rather one line...

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